Dudhwa National Park Are Best Enjoyed With Understanding

Dudhwa National Park is a Reserved park that is located in the barren lands of Terai in Uttar Pradesh. The park extends into an area of over 600 square kilometres with another 200 because its buffer area. The park was established in 1958 but it had been announced as a national refuge in 1977 and has been associated with Project Tiger because a very long time. Vegetation the Majority of the trees and plant is of moist deciduous nature. These exceptionally dense forests have a significant number of species of Sal, Asna, Shisham, Jamun and Sehore. The species of Sal are well known here and the trees are as large as 150 meters long.

National Park

  • Fauna: These Dense forests are a joy for its many wildlife enthusiasts that come here to explore further and research on the living patterns of wildlife. We can discover many species such as Swamp Deer, Tiger, Nilgai, Jackal and a lot more. These marshlands have over 350 species of birds and lots of migratory birds come here during particular times of the year. An individual can see white and black storks, woodpeckers, saras, beef eaters, kingfishers and other exotic kinds of cranes and pelicans.
  • Tourist Attractions: The Park Can be attained from New Delhi through trains and buses which operate here on some particular days of the week. There are numerous things and other activities which you can perform here.
  • On the road to Dudhwa there is a Famous Frog Temple in Oyal that you ought to visit. This temple was built during the 12th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple got its name due to its frog shaped arrangement of its own base.
  • Surat Bhawan Palaces just another Place that curiosity that come on the way to Dudhwa. This palace was built during the 19th century and you can see the Himalayan peaks on a nice clear day. This palace was built in Indo Saracenic style and is spread over an area of over 9 acres. The palace has numerous lush green parks, fountains, swimming pools and other interesting buildings which are known for their architecture and detailing.

Besides this there areĀ national parks in india which you can enjoy. These safaris take you only in the limited areas of the park where you can observe the birds and other creatures. The experience of the Elephant Safari is the one which you will cherish all of your life. You can also hire mini buses and Jeeps so you can explore the deeper regions of the forest. The Forest Department does not provide you the jeeps.